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Pediatric Oncology


Pediatric Oncology focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of childhood cancers like leukemia, bone cancers, Wilms' tumor, brain and spinal cord tumors and more. With timely and appropriate treatment, a majority of children with cancer can be cured and can go on to live full lives. Children with cancer need to be treated by someone who is trained to look after them, like pediatric oncologists.

Treatments are available for all childhood cancers in India. Primary treatment options include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and bone marrow transplantation. 

At CCA, our top pediatric oncologists are dedicated to improving outcomes for children and young adults with cancer and genetic tumor predisposition syndromes. Trust CCA Nashik to provide the best treatment to your loved ones with state-of-the-art infrastructure and advanced technology. 

Consult our expert pediatric oncologists right now!

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