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Advanced Technology

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Elekta Versa HD 

We are proud to introduce the world’s most advanced radiotherapy treatment system — Versa HD — that enables high-definition dynamic radiosurgery. It delivers absolute reliability, accuracy and confidence. 

The advantage of the Versa HD are:

  • High-definition dynamic radiosurgery

  • Stereotactic treatments with anatomically-guided accuracy

  • Delivers accuracy in stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) and stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) treatments

  • Treat complex cancers with submillimeter, end-to-end accuracy

  • Innovative imaging technology gives confidence to reduce margins and escalate dose to the target

Discovery IQ PET/CT Scanner 

Discovery IQ is a highly trusted PET/CT system among clinicians across the globe. It was designed and engineered to be a scalable, high-performance diagnostic system with the capabilities to produce exceptional image quality for better patient outcomes, while using less dose.

The advantages of Discovery IQ PET/CT Scanner are:

  • Higher sensitivity, better image quality

  • Lower dose and faster acquisition of high-clarity images

  • Motion correction for clearer images

  • Significant reduction of metal artifacts with Smart MAR

  • Enhanced patient care, comfort and satisfaction

  • Accurate data points to trusted treatment

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