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Dr. Shruti Kate

Senior Consultant – Medical Oncology

Dr. Shruti Kate is an accomplished Medical Oncologist with an extensive background in oncology and a dedication to advancing cancer treatment and patient care. Currently, she's an esteemed part of Cancer Centers of America as a Consultant Medical Oncologist. She earned her MBBS from Lady Hardinge Medical College, University of Delhi, and pursued an MD in General Medicine from Maulana Azad Medical College, University of Delhi. Dr Kate further specialized with a DM in Medical Oncology from Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, where she also served as a Senior Registrar and Lecturer in the Department of Medical Oncology.


Throughout her career, Dr Kate has developed expertise in managing a wide range of malignancies, with a particular focus on lung cancer, breast cancer, and hematological disorders. Her professional journey includes significant roles in patient care, clinical research, and academic mentorship, reflecting her commitment to excellence in oncology.

Dr. Kate has been actively involved in clinical research, contributing to numerous publications in esteemed journals. Her work includes studies on chemotherapy-induced alopecia, EGFR mutation-positive NSCLC, thromboembolic events in lung cancer patients, and prognostic factors in breast cancer with brain metastases. These publications highlight her dedication to improving patient outcomes through evidence-based practices and innovative treatment approaches.

In addition to her research contributions, Dr Kate has presented her findings at various national and international conferences. Her presentations at prestigious events such as the Society of Nuclear Medicine India Conference, World Conference for Lung Cancer, and ESMO Breast Cancer reflect her standing in the oncology community. She has also received the Developing Nation Travel Award for her poster presentations at the 19th World Conference for Lung Cancer in Toronto, Canada.


Dr. Kate's accolades include multiple awards for her research presentations, showcasing her ability to communicate complex clinical findings effectively. Her oral presentations at conferences such as Best of ASCO and Year in Review have been recognized for their impact on the field of oncology.

Her ongoing commitment to professional development is evident in her participation in workshops, training programs, and collaborative research projects. Dr Kate's dedication to staying updated with the latest advancements in oncology ensures that she provides the highest standard of care to her patients.


Dr Shruti Kate's professional journey, marked by her academic achievements, research contributions, and clinical expertise, positions her as a distinguished Medical Oncologist dedicated to advancing cancer treatment and improving patient care.

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