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Dr. Rajesh Geetakant Walvekar

Consultant Surgical Oncology

Dr Rajesh Geetakant Walvekar is an esteemed Oncosurgeon currently serving as a Consultant in the Oncology Department at Cancer Centers of America. He earned his M.B.B.S. degree from B.J. Medical College in Pune, Maharashtra, India, and subsequently completed his M.S. in General Surgery from the University of Poona. Further honing his expertise, he undertook a three-year residential training program in oncosurgery at TATA Memorial Hospital in Mumbai, Maharashtra.


Dr Walvekar brings extensive experience from his roles as an Oncosurgeon at CNS, NAMCO, SAYHADRI, APOLLO, and ASOKA Hospitals in Nashik. His significant clinical trials experience includes work on studies and trials for colorectal cancer, breast cancer (phase I, II, III), NSCLC (phase III, IV), and ovarian cancer (phase III).


He has also completed ICH GCP training provided by the hospital ethics committee, ensuring adherence to the highest standards of clinical practice.


Dr Walvekar's academic and professional journey, marked by his dedication and contributions to the field of oncosurgery, underscores his commitment to providing exemplary care and advancing cancer treatment. His career reflects a profound dedication to excellence in patient care and clinical research.

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