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Dr. Pritesh Junagade

Consultant Haematologist, Haemato-Oncologist and Bone Marrow Transplant Physician

Dr. Pritesh S. Junagade is a Hemato-Oncologist and Bone Marrow Transplant Physician. He has an MD in Medicine from the University of Bombay (gold medallist) and has a Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training (CCST) in Haematology from the London Deanery. Dr. Junagade spent seven years in London for specialized training and has 18 years of expertise in this field.

Dr. Junagade’s proficiency spans bone marrow transplantation, acute leukemia chemotherapy, sickle cell anemia treatment, managing haematological issues in pregnancy, and evaluating pyrexia of unknown origin. Dr. Junagade has successfully performed over 300 bone marrow transplants and treated more than 45,000 outpatients.

He is dedicated to enhancing patient care through precise diagnostics and advanced medical interventions. Dr. Junagade is also the Director of the Lotus Institute of Haematology, Oncology, and Stem Cell Therapy. His commitment to excellence and extensive clinical experience made him an integral part of the Cancer Centers of America team and aims to ensure the delivery of high-quality healthcare services and stem cell transplant services at Cancer Centers of America in Nashik, Maharashtra.

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